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16 Steps to Successful SEO for Your Business

Step 01 HTML work to Adjust copy and headlines

Step 02 Redesign an existing website design

Step 03 Keyword Analysis & Research Identify 6 high traffic primary keywords/keyphrases and then build a secondary keyword list of approximately 5 relevant keyword/keyphrases for each main primary keyword. For more visit Search Engine Optimization Services

Step 04 SEO Existing Website/Blog Optimise your existing website and create a blog, using the keywords from the keyword analysis. This will involve amending all pages, title tags, meta tags, image descriptions, contextual links and anchor texts.This will also involve putting in a site map and using relevant plugins on the blog to optimise for search engines.

Step 05 Increase Website Visibility Part 1 Create a network of 6 minisites on a wordpress platform based on the 6 high traffic keywords using separate keyword rich domains. The basis of these minisites is to be mutually agreed but will include content rich copy for the 5 relevant keywords. We can obviously do the copywriting for each of the mini sites along with the blog to ensure it is compelling and increases conversion rates.

Step 06 Increase Website Visibility Part 2 Create 30 unique articles, 1 keyword rich article to use as content for each of the 30 primary and secondary keywords you chose to pursue. We will provide advice on keyword selection.

Step 07 Increase Website Visibility Part 3 Turn all articles into videos and use to generate backlinks from major video sharing sites

Step 08 Increase Website Visibility Part 4 Socially bookmark all minisites, articles and videos to create hundreds of high quality backlinks.

Step 09 Increase Website Visibility Part 5 Create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Myspace. This includes setting up Youtube channel to upload all video generated articles. Also brand the youtube channel and facebook page to drive visitors to main site or minisites depending on the goal.

Step 10 Implement An Autoresponder System Set up an Email autoresponder system to capture all opt-in emails. • Create autoresponder email messages for first 7 days • Create autoresponder sequence for following 3 months (1 email message per week) total of 12 messages

Step 11 Consultation and creation of Free Report/Ebook This involves discussion and advice on strategy to collect opt-ins by giving away an ebook of value focused on something of value to the customer. This will be a professionally written ebook/report, no less than 18 pages with a attractive cover graphic.

Step 12 Consultant Advice I will offer advice through-out the process of setting up the website network, driving traffic and collecting opt-in from potential tenant buyers. I will also provide support regards how to automate many of the processes of list building and how to drive traffic and convert the leads into sales.

Step 13 Set Up A Regular Email Based Newsletter I will assist in the creating an email based newsletter to help establish you as the authority in the marketplace. This will be after this project is completed be run by yourself or myself at an ongoing fee.

Step 14
Set Up Of Google Analytics Tracking Across All Websites & Minisites

Step 15 Creation of Refer A Friend Incentives There are several places where a tell a friend script will be implemented in this marketing strategy. This feature will be set up on the minisites and blog. A tell a friend system will also be implemented on the thank you page and every one of the autoresponder emails.

Step 16 Use Of Testimonials Website, Blogs, Minisites & YouTube Channel In this step, I will use any video testimonials provided across the vast web presence on the Internet that will have at the end of this project. The video testimonials will be displayed on the blog, many of the minisites and available on the YouTube channel.
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